The Occupational and Physical Therapy departments are currently located on the Russell Sage Campus in Troy, NY.  The departments hold their classes and labs in an older building called Scrimshaw Health Sciences Hall that used to be a dormitory for the campus. The rooms have outdated finishes and furniture. The building also poorly utilizes space. Currently, the department holds classes on the entire Russell Sage Campus due to the structure not fitting all of their specifications.

DESIGN CONCEPT                           
This project involves redesigning the current Art Department Building at Sage College of Albany. By moving both the Occupational and Physical Therapy departments to the Albany campus allows both departments to get a personalized area in which both can efficiently work together.
The design for the new department is inspired by Scandinavian design. The qualities of Scandinavian design includes a minimalist modern design, neutral colors, and natural materials. By incorporating this design style, it provides the space with a bright, calm, clean feeling.

Upon entering the new space for the Occupational and Physical Therapy department, you are introduced to light wooden panels on the walls which set a tone for the rest of the buildings color palette. 
Using a light, neutral, and cool color palette in the spaces allows the guests, students, and professionals to interact with the area with a calm, inviting feeling. 
The reception area is completely open, allowing guests who aren’t familiar with the space to be introduced to the receptionist who can point them in the right direction.  
This space also has ample seating where guests, students, and professors can sit, wait, and hold conversations with one another.
Comparably to the existing building in Troy, the new Occupational Therapy lab has designated spaces for a bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and living room within the lab. The area is also large enough that allows the design to be adaptable. 
The central part of the lab is the mock spaces which mimic the exact environments in which patients will see and interact with during their day to day lives.

This space will be utilized for both Occupational and Physical Therapy of children. A jungle gym and a sensory area are provided for the children to explore. The majority of the color palette is muted, but a pop of color is used strategically to stimulate the children but not too much that it can overwhelm them.
One side of this classroom is used for lecture, while the other can be utilized separately or combined for its technology. 
The room is split in half with a movable partition wall which opens up the two rooms into one. The partition is made of glass but is equipped with LCD capabilities which will tint the glass allowing for privacy between the two rooms.
On the Troy campus, the building we toured cannot hold multiple classes for 45 people. Within the building on the Albany campus, there are multiple classrooms in which 45 students can easily fit.
The furniture chosen for this room comes from Herman Miller. The desks are adaptable to fit any needs whether it is in lecture mode or grouped for collaborative work. In front of the class, there is an interactive whiteboard which makes it easier for professors and students to collaborate.
This space is entirely for the students to spend time in between classes and labs. It is equipped with four tables from Herman Miller that seats eight people per table. There are also two large sofas for a more informal sitting area. Lockers are also provided in this space for students who want to utilize them for their backpacks and other necessities to unclutter classrooms and labs.  
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